About me

Decora is an online-based interior decorating services created by me, Interior Designer and Stylist Jenifer Rodrigues. After working with big public projects and commercial fit outs, I decided to follow my passion and start my own decorating and styling business. I’m passionate about making interior decoration affordable, diverse, fun and accessible to everyone, no matter their budget or where they are in Australia. I create fully tailored packages to suit a variety of budgets and circumstances.


Photo by Carol Zatt – http://zattphotos.com

My greatest satisfaction is when I understand what my customers want and how happy, proud and comfortable they are in their newly decorated home.

Some people see decoration as something cosmetic and superficial but I see as tool that can change somebody’s life by raising one’s spirit, humor, self-esteem and individuality.

I like to encourage my clients to perceive their own unique style that makes them happy without worrying too much about trends and with what other people have to say.

I’m not saying that looking trendy is wrong as I don’t think that there is right or wrong in decorating. I believe that there is what is right for you.

I do not impose my style but I do use my talent and my experience to create the perfect decor for you.

Getting to know my clients is extremely enjoyable and enriching. My styling process starts by understanding how you live, what is your routine, what you like and dislike.

I want to know what you love, what you identify with and how you want to feel at home with the new decor.

I don’t think that you have to get rid of all your furniture and start from scratch (but you can if you want to!) as I believe that we can mix and match some of your own pieces with new ones that will create new memories in your home.

My decorating services are for everyone who feels like needing a change but doesn’t know where to start. You are a unique human being and I want to help you to be yourself starting with your home.

From warm and creative baby nurseries to big and comfortable family rooms Decora makes interior decorating exciting and affordable.

Every home has a story to tell and I want to help you to write yours.

What is e-decorating?

Expert design provided in the comfort of your own home, Decora’s e-decorating service allows you to receive detailed design plans via email.

Decora won’t overwhelm your inbox with designs. Instead, we work on one room at a time to ensure every intricate detail meets the client’s expectations.

E-decorating grants everyone access to the knowledge and skills of expert interior designers at a more affordable price point than traditional, in-house design services.

Perfect for those who are comfortable decorating independently but wish for guidance regarding: fabrics, accessories, lighting, colour schemes, furniture selection and placement and general furnishing.

Save time, money and energy by using Decora’s e-decorating service wherever you are in the world.

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