The heart of the living room – styling your coffee table

Coffee table (almost) everyone has one. It needs to be beautiful, functional and always neat, not only when we receive guests! Styling it sometimes seems simple, but it is not everyone who can produce the decor in a cool and stylish way as we see in magazines.

Whether your coffee table is a DIY, a pair of cheap Ikea end tables, or the statement piece you splurged on, it’s worth taking the time to decorate and style like you would any other area of your home. After all, it’s frequently the centrepiece of many homes, especially if you live in a smaller house or apartment.

If you also suffer from this evil, follow the tips below and let this ugly-table trauma in the past!

Including these five items make styling a coffee table an easy task:

  1. Natural elements to add colour and bring the outdoors in (especially you city dwellers)
  2. Candlelight to add ambiance and possibly fresh scent to the room
  3. Books to entertain visitors
  4. Decorative accents to spark conversation among guests and add interest
  5. Tray to organize the previously stated items
  6. The secret is in balancing volumes, heights and shapes

Too Complicated? So here are some inspirations…

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Images from: Casa vogue, Megan Almonte,,, apartment therapy, pinterest,













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