Interior decorating for renters

Renting a property doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun of interior decorating and putting your own stamp on a place. While painting and knocking down walls are out of the question, there is still so much you can do to give your rental property a makeover. Check out these easy and inexpensive tips for decorating your rented house. Get inspired with these tips to make a rental property your own; without upsetting your landlord!

As major structural alterations are out of the question, focus on decorative ones such as repainting the walls, changing the window treatments and lighting, hanging pictures and laying rugs.

Always consult your landlord before starting any work, and obtain permission in writing. Keep them on side by consulting them at every stage. Ensure the changes you make are easily reversible if you hope to have your bond returned when you move out. Anything you remove or disassemble, such as curtains, light fittings or doorknobs should be carefully stored somewhere free from damp or dust, and clearly labelled.


When you can’t make alterations to the actual structural elements of a property, colour becomes your new best friend. Repainting the walls of your rental home will have a greater decorative impact than just about anything else. If your landlord rejects your plans for a full paint job, suggest re-painting only one wall. A bold feature wall in an otherwise neutral space can be very effective.

Removable wall stickers or murals are an excellent way to breathe some life into a dull décor. In all sorts of styles and shapes, there really is something for everyone.

Wall decal


Disguise a drab or stained carpet with colourful and inexpensive rugs from stores such as Ikea or Freedom.

Use an extra-large area rug to give the room a whole new look or add a smaller rug to high traffic areas.

feature rug

Window dressing

Rented properties often come with dingy, outdated curtains. Take them down (storing them safely so you can put them back up when you vacate the property), and replace them with bright, modern blinds. This will totally transform the look of the rooms in your home.

If blinds aren’t your thing, replace the existing curtains (again storing them safely), with a fresh new pair that will lift your scheme and tie the whole room together.



Stuck with dated light fittings or simply a bare bulb hanging forlornly from the ceiling? Invest in statement lighting to give your rental home a lift.

A combination of table and floor lamps will help – they’ll also inject some atmosphere into the room.



Storage can be a problem for renters so get that sorted first. Go for options that functional but also look great, like vintage suitcases or colourful baskets. Think about how your furniture can double as storage, such as a chest as a coffee table or boxes kept under the bed.

Statement and modular storage can be feature walls in their own right. Make it freestanding to avoid incurring the wrath of your landlord, and then you can fill it with your favourite books and knick-knacks.


Green spaces

Bring the outdoors in by introducing plenty of potted plants to your rented pad. Consider creating a green outlook with a medley of pots and planters on the balcony – they are good for the soul and purify the air coming into the house.

Natural elements have a calming effect on interiors – plants can bring a sense of life and vitality to a dull rental. Plant a herb garden in the kitchen – put them in old vintage inspired coffee tins for extra effect! Tall plants are also a great way to cover up stained walls or annoying wires.

It may sound simple but flowers are a great way to give your home a fresh new look (and smell too)! Inexpensive but guaranteed to make your room look a million dollars.

interior plant

Flexible furniture

When buying furniture keep your options open as what works great in your current house might not suit the next place you rent. Go for a combination of inexpensive pieces which you can sell later and basic investment pieces which can be adapted for any space. A daybed makes a great couch by day and a comfy guest bed by night, and stools can be used as a seat, foot stool or table.


Artwork & Mirrors

If you’re not sure about using wall stickers, a bold piece of wall art is a great way to update the look of your rooms.

Hanging artwork around your house will personalise the space. It is so easy to create your own designer artwork and then hang it with removable adhesive hooks.

Hang a mirror in any room to make it feel bigger and lighter. Be sure to use adhesive hooks which can be removed without damaging the walls.


Cushions and throws

If you can’t paint your walls or change the carpets, you can still put your stamp on your home by using cushions and throws. They are a great way to express yourself!

Inject your living space with warmth and personality by adding textured cushions and coordinating throws. The best thing about this decorating idea is that you can simply and cheaply update the look of your room each season.

A selection of contrasting throws will make a plain and scruffy sofa look stylish and expensive. Layer the fabrics and prints for a professional interior design inspired look.


Get gorgeous bed linen

Bed linen is a great way to inject colour and pattern into a room with zero risk of jeopardising your deposit!


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