Colourise is Decora’s expert colour consultation service, that will help you pick the perfect colour scheme to complement your home- the first time round.

After all, selecting the right colour paints is an incredibly challenging process, with many factors contributing to the viability of a colour to any given room.

Whether it is the natural light available, the purpose of the room or the ambience you’re looking to create, even the slightest fluctuation in colour can change a given room’s aesthetic.

Understandably, this makes selecting colour schemes difficult which is why many choose the Colourise service.

Don’t waste money on costly mistakes choose the right scheme- the first time round- with Decora’s exquisite Colourise service.

What will you receive:

  • An expert consultation
  • Paint samples
  • Mood board
  • Colour scheme

How long does Colourise take?

After I receive your questionnaire, room images, measurements and payment, the design process begins. On average, a Colourise consultation, takes approximately three working weeks to be completed.

Rates & Payment


Payment is due in full when the questionnaire, room images and inspiration links have been submitted. Room design will not begin until payment has been received in full.

Accepted payment methods include bank transfer and Paypal.


Please note, you have one working week to submit feedback regarding the design and I can make one extra review if you are not satisfied with the first package.

All designs are non-refundable.