Personalise premium

The Full Interior Design Experience

Personalise Premium combines Accessorise, Colourise and Personalise into a comprehensive package that is perfect for people embarking on large interior design projects.

The Personalise Premium service ensures every aspect of your home meets your specifications and style with every intricate detail from the colour scheme through to the artwork and furnishings.

Personalise Premium will allow you to work alongside me to create a bespoke home in which you feel proud and comfortable.

Whether you are looking for style, functionality or character, classic or contemporary, or a blend of such ideas, Personalise Premium package can help you create your ideal home.

Who is Personalise Premium for?

Personalise Premium is perfect for anyone who is starting afresh and decorating from scratch. You will enjoy complete control of the project but will have Decora’s on-hand to offer expertise and guidance.

After all, it can be overwhelming, stressful and time-consuming to embark on such a project alone; but by utilising Personalise Premium, you can give your home a professional aesthetic the hassle-free and affordable way.

How does it work?

After filling in the questionnaire below and purchasing your package I will email you a confirmation that I received your information and after that you should reply that email with the following:

– 3-5 images of the room

-Inspirational images (from blogs, magazines, Instagram, Pinterest), if necessary

Please note that all information will be sent electronically.

What will you receive?

  • Floor plan with room layout drawn to scale
  • Rendered 3D perspective views
  • Inspiration board
  • A mood board (which will visually convey the overall theme of your space)
  • A furniture and accessories list; complete with links to the stores
  • Flooring/fabric/paint samples
  • A 30 minute skype consultation with me
  • The How to “Decora”

How does it looks like?

How long does it take?

The design process begins once you have submitted the questionnaire, images, sketches, budget and payment.

For one or two rooms the design process takes approximately three working weeks to be completed and sent back to you.

If your project focuses on more than two rooms, you will be provided with an individual quote detailing the time-scale; which will depend on the specifications of each room.

Rates & Payment:

1 room – $600.00

2 rooms – $1050.00

3 rooms – $1590.00

4 rooms – $2130.00

Payment is due in full when the questionnaire, room images and inspiration links have been submitted. Room design will not begin until payment has been received in full.

Accepted payment methods include bank transfer and Paypal.

All designs are non-refundable.


Please note, you have one working week to submit feedback regarding the design and I can make one extra review if you are not satisfied with the first package.